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Privacy Policy



Cliff Harris Photography is a photography business working with schools, organisations, and businesses. We provide photography and products to customers throughout the UK and Cyprus. Sometimes we need to store data on individuals, and organisations that are using our services so that we can contact them regarding bookings and orders.


We do not profit financially from the data that we store and we never share data with other businesses for marketing purposes.


In this privacy policy we outline how we collect and store data and how we ensure it is protected at all times.

Data we collect




What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone or other device when you access the internet.


Cliff Harris Photography do not store persistent or session cookies. This is because we use third party vendors to handle our orders and we do not require users to login to access information about our business. These third party vendors may store cookies on your device. Please refer to their individual privacy policies for further details.




Cliff Harris Photography stores telephone and email information for the schools that we work with and individuals in charge of liasing with us. This is so we can organise bookings. We do not obtain, seek to obtain, or store information on individual customers or their children. We do however temporarily have access to customers children's photographs which are encrypted and password protected. We share these photographs with the third party Sherwood Laboratories LTD and then destroy the data immediately.






We use a third party vendor to process orders for our products. Sherwood Laboratories store email addresses and telephone numbers temporarily in order to contact customers regarding orders. They also process photographs of our customers and their children. Please refer to their privacy policy here:




Cliff Harris Photography use Outlook to manage our email communication.

If contacted by customers via email we will temporarily store that email address in order to respond. We endeavor to remove all email addresses from our outlook account when any questions or issues are resolved.




Under GDPR legislation you have the right to access and amend any personal data that we hold. To view, amend, or delete personal information please email




Cliff Harris Photography reserves the right to change this privacy notice at any time. If we make changes to the privacy notice you will be contacted before the changes take effect. This privacy notice will be reviewed in 12 months time in January 2025 or by request.

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